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Reading in December 2017

I feel a bit confused. Is it possible I only read eight books in December and nothing between December 11 and December 25? I'm sort of proud of myself for letting my brain rest and letting myself enjoy the holidays. If that's what happened. Well, my kids were both home from school, so they had something to do with it too. I can't nag them with questions about college and read at the same time.

I do have a list (again) of books I didn't read. I borrowed these books from the library, but, alas, didn't like them enough to go on or didn't feel I had the time (I don't like returning books late).

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva
I started this one, but I didn't got far. The premise was interesting--a woman is participating in a reality wilderness-survival show when the rest of the world is thrown into some sort of catastrophe, one that she and the other contestants don't know about--but the story didn't hold me. Someone should read it and tell me what …