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"Prairie Evers" by Ellen Airgood and "One for the Murphys" by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

As I was finishing the book Prairie Evers by Ellen Airgood I worried the ending would be too perfect--everything would work out in such a way to leave the reader happy, even if isn’t the way real life worked. And it reminded me of One for the Murphys, which made me cry because it was real life. Turns out the ending of Prairie Evers is open, and that’s how it should be. One for the Murphys, sigh, ended as it should have too. Let’s compare (spoilers ahead).
Prairie Evers, which is for children in grades 3-5, is about a once-homeschooled girl who finds a BFF in Ivy Blake when she starts attending the local school. Ivy, though, comes from a troubled home. Where Prairie is outgoing with artsy, but stable parents, Ivy is shy and fatherless. Worse, her mom killed her father in a domestic accident. Ivy’s mom is sullen and depressed and cares not a whit for Ivy. Prairie and her family recognize this and Ivy becomes a de facto member of their household. Ivy’s mom meets, then marries George, an…