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I Feel Bad About My Blog

I had good intentions (please avoid any references to the road to hell). As a newly minted children’s librarian, I thought how wonderful it would be if I could write about all the great children’s books I’d be reading. And how lucky am I! I work in a library. I’m surrounded by books.
But maybe there can be too much of a good thing. I’ve read so many books and just haven’t had time to write about them. Reading and writing aren’t as easy as one might think. Not when you’re also working and doing the mom thing. Since last I wrote, I’ve read at least 25 novels (some short, some long) and every single picture book I’ve purchased for my library (about 25 per month). And everywhere I look – at home and at the library – I have piles of books waiting for me. Even my Nook is starting to feel overloaded as I borrow or purchase ebooks and then neglect to read them. And the magazines – I cut down on subscriptions recently, but still subscribe to more than 10 (weekly and monthly) and several journal…