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Why This Blog?

I’m a great reader of books – as well as magazines. I used to be a magazine editor (albeit for trade magazines) and loved it. Now I’m a librarian and, in some ways, I get to read for a living. How wonderful is that?
Years ago, I subscribed to The Believer, an ad-free magazine published by McSweeney’s, and one of my favorite columns in that magazine was “Stuff I’ve Been Reading” by Nick Hornby (he stopped writing it for a little while, but it’s back). I am nowhere near as well-read or well-spoken as Mr. Hornby. But I was quite taken by his musings on the books he read or planned to read (or, as often as not, what was going on in his world). So, for years I thought about writing a blog along the same lines.
This is my attempt. I welcome polite comments and ideas from everyone, as well as suggestions on books to read and topics to cover.